What is JDP Background Check?

JDP is a background verification services company, providing employers with a valuable opportunity to make informed hiring decisions. JDP’s services include criminal background checks, analysis of previous employment, verification of educational level and, in certain cases, assessment of applicants’ credit history.

How Long Does JDP Background Check Take?

One of the most common questions candidates have is “How long does the review take?” On average, a JDP background check can take from several days to several weeks. This variability is due to many factors, including the specifics of the information requested and the general workload of the inspection agencies.

JDP Background Check Status

Tracking the status of a JDP background check allows candidates and employers to be aware of the current stage of the check. This is an important element of the process and helps keep all stakeholders transparent and informed.

What Does JDP Look For?

JDP’s background check process focuses on a number of key aspects, each of which has its own importance in providing a complete picture of the candidate. These aspects include:

Criminal Records

Criminal Records and Arrests. The most important part is the analysis of the candidate’s criminal history, including a check of criminal records and arrests. This aspect covers information at all levels – from local to federal.

Seriousness and relevance of crimes. In addition to the fact of a criminal history, special attention is paid to the nature and severity of the acts committed, as well as the time that has passed since the crime was committed.

Employment History

Previous Employment. Verifies the accuracy of previous employment information, including positions, dates of employment and circumstances of termination, which provides insight into the candidate’s career path.

Recommendations from Former Employers. Referrals from previous employers are requested to evaluate the candidate’s professional qualities and behavior in the workplace.


Confirmation of educational institutions. The availability of diplomas and certificates specified by the candidate, as well as the fact of study in the mentioned educational institutions, is verified.

Specialized Licenses and Certifications. Specialized roles require proof of professional licenses or certifications.

Credit History Check

Credit Report. In some cases, especially for positions involving financial operations, a review of the candidate’s credit history will be performed.

Financial Responsibility. Reviewing a credit report provides insight into a candidate’s financial discipline and responsibility.

Verification of Right to Work

Legality of Employment. The candidate’s right to legal employment in the country is confirmed.

Checking Social Networks

Online Profiles. Social media profiles are analyzed to assess the candidate’s personal image and behavior outside of the professional environment.

All of these aspects together allow JDP to provide employers with comprehensive candidate information, facilitating informed and informed hiring decisions.

How to Dispute JDP Background Check?

  • Step 1. Request a Copy of the Report. Contact JDP immediately and request a complete copy of the background check report.
  • Step 2. Identifying Errors. Review the report carefully to identify points that were misinterpreted or contain errors.
  • Step 3. Collecting Supporting Documents. Gather all available documents that may provide evidence of errors in the report.
  • Step 4. Drafting a Letter of Dispute. Formulate a formal letter to JDP identifying the errors identified and attaching relevant evidence.
  • Step 5. Submitting Materials to JDP. Submit the prepared letter and evidence to JDP using a delivery method that allows delivery to be tracked.
  • Step 6. Notifying the Employer. Inform the potential employer of the errors in the report and the steps you have taken to correct them.
  • Step 7. Monitoring and Next Steps. Stay tuned for updates from JDP and be prepared to provide additional information as needed.
  • Step 8. Seeking Legal Help. If correcting your report is delayed or your arguments are rejected, consider contacting a lawyer for professional help.

These steps provide guidance for those who experience incorrect background check results from JDP.

How We Can Help You?

If you find errors in your JDP background check report, it can cause significant inconvenience and delay in your professional journey. In such situations, a decisive and deliberate strategy of action is required. As your trusted legal advisor, I am prepared to offer comprehensive support at every step of the process to correct these errors. Here’s how we can help you:

Consultation and Detailed Analysis

We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your case, identifying all the details and features of the errors in the report, which will become the basis for developing a strategy for further action.

Receiving a Copy of the Report. Assist in obtaining an official copy of the report from JDP, a critical step to begin the challenge process.

Error Identification. Together we will analyze the provided report, accurately identifying and documenting each error, which will allow us to prepare a reasonable and convincing appeal for their correction.

Preparing a Correction Request

We will develop and send a detailed request to JDP indicating all detected errors and attach appropriate evidence of their inaccuracy.

Communication with a Possible Employer. At your request, we can undertake communication with a potential employer to explain the situation and inform you about the steps you are taking to correct mistakes.

Monitoring and Adaptation of the Strategy

We will closely monitor JDP’s response to your request and, if necessary, adapt our strategy to achieve the desired result.

Legal Representation

If the situation requires more serious legal intervention, we are ready to provide you with full representation in further legal proceedings, including, if necessary, trial.

Our primary goal is to restore your professional reputation and ensure that your curriculum vitae is accurately reflected. We will make every effort to ensure that errors in the JDP report are corrected and your rights are protected. Contact us and we will begin working on your case immediately.


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