Certiphi Screening, Inc. is a specialized provider of background screening services that primarily serves healthcare but extends the service to other industries for which the need for rigorous background checks is evident. The company has gained reputation for offering services fully developed to generate well-informed hiring decisions, particularly in sensitive and heavily regulated organizations.

History and Development

Certiphi Screening was established on the basis of offering industry-specific background screening solutions which, from the inception, were compliant with the regulatory needs of sectors. The company developed expertise in compliance and the specific requirements of the healthcare sector, where the thorough vetting of credentials and history is important.

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Industry Focus

Since its inception, Certiphi focused on sectors where background screening has been a necessity, and no mere formality in the hiring process. The focus allowed Certiphi to build its depth of knowledge in compliance and the specific requirements of the sectors.

Growth and Expansion

Over the years, Certiphi has grown to offer a wide range of screening capabilities. Among the service offerings are criminal background checks, professional license verifications, drug testing, and comprehensive sanction checks to mention but a few services. The growth was not only caused by growing demands within the healthcare sectors but also to proactively make client organizations safer and more in compliance with regulatory obligations.

Technological Integration

Certiphi has always integrated advanced technology into the process to ensure high levels of accuracy and efficiency. This includes sophisticated databases and analytical tools to ensure that all the information has been fully vetted. Their systems are designed to be compliant with FCRA and other relevant legislation, giving the client the assurance of both the process and the results.

Partnerships and Collaborations

The company has developed various partnerships with leading organizations and associations in the healthcare industry. These partnerships have not only enlarged the reach of Certiphi, but have also increased its understanding and alignment with the industry standards and expectations.

Service Offering and Reputation

Certiphi is known for its client-centric approach to offering customized background screening solutions. The individual organization’s needs are considered during the process.

How Long Does Certiphi Background Check Take

Basic Background Check. Typically, this is fulfilled in 3 to 5 business days. All entry-level jobs that require basic information like identity verification, criminal history, and educational background fall under this process.
Advanced Background Check. These are longer periods of processes, usually falling within the margin of 5 to 10 business days. These will incorporate, for instance, detailed checks on professional licenses, credit history, and more in-depth criminal history.

How to Check Status of Certiphi Background Check

StepDescriptionAction Required
1. Access Online PortalCertiphi provides a secure online portal where both applicants and employers can log in to view the status of background checks.Visit the Certiphi website and navigate to the background check portal. Log in using your provided credentials.
2. Review Status UpdatesThe portal is updated in real-time with the current status of your background check.Regularly check the portal for any changes or updates to your background check status.
3. Understand Status CodesDifferent status codes or labels might be shown, such as “Pending,” “Complete,” or “Issues Found.”Familiarize yourself with what each status means to better understand where your background check stands: – Pending: Still in process; additional information may be required. – Complete: All checks have been performed and the report is ready. – Issues Found: There may be discrepancies that need to be addressed.
4. Contact Customer SupportIf the online portal does not provide enough information or if there are issues accessing your details.Use the contact information provided on the Certiphi portal to reach out to customer support for assistance.
5. Follow UpIn case of delays or if “Issues Found” status requires action.Prepare to provide additional information if requested or inquire about specific delays or issues.

What Shows Up on a Certiphi Background Check

Criminal History

Certiphi runs this screening across state and national databases to search for records of conviction, arrests, and incarcerations. These include felony and misdemeanor convictions.

Sex Offender Registry

Searches carried out across state and national sex offender databases to determine if the individual has any sex-related offenses.

Federal Criminal Records

It ran the search to find out any federal criminal records which may not be reflected in state or local searches.

Employment Verification

Certiphi checks all previous employment, validating the roles, time spent, and the reasons for leaving.
The references provided by the applicant are contacted to provide information about the work attitude, his responsibilities, accomplishments, and work-related interpersonal skills.

Certiphi Background Check Lawsuit

If you believe Certiphi has made an error in your background check or has otherwise violated your rights under laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), pursuing legal action might be necessary to rectify the situation and protect your rights. Here’s how you can use the services of our law firm to address and potentially sue Certiphi for such issues.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • Contact Us. Reach out to our firm to schedule an initial consultation. This can often be done via phone, email, or through our website. During this consultation, you’ll discuss the specifics of your case with one of our experienced consumer rights attorneys.
  • Document Review. Provide all relevant documents related to your case. This includes any communications with Certiphi, the background check report, any correspondence regarding disputes you have made, and any responses received from Certiphi.

Step 2: Legal Assessment

  • Assess Violations. Our attorneys will review the details of your case to determine if Certiphi has indeed violated any provisions of the FCRA or other applicable laws.
  • Advice on Legal Options. We will provide you with a detailed understanding of your legal options, which could range from formal dispute resolutions to filing a lawsuit.

Step 3: Dispute Process

  • Formal Dispute Filing. If not already done, our team will help you file a formal dispute with Certiphi regarding any inaccuracies or issues in the background check. The FCRA mandates that Certiphi must investigate and respond to your dispute within 30 days.
  • Follow-up. If the dispute does not resolve the issue, our team will assist in escalating the matter appropriately.

Step 4: Pre-Litigation Actions

  • Demand Letter. If the dispute process is unsuccessful, we might send a demand letter on your behalf. This letter will outline the identified errors and legal violations, and demand corrective action within a specified timeframe.
  • Negotiation. We will attempt to negotiate a settlement with Certiphi that addresses your grievances without proceeding to court.

Step 5: Filing a Lawsuit

  • Preparation and Filing. If negotiations fail, we will prepare and file a lawsuit against Certiphi. This involves drafting legal complaints, filing them in the appropriate court, and serving them to Certiphi.
  • Litigation. We will represent you throughout the litigation process, from pre-trial activities, court appearances, to negotiations and, if necessary, trial.

Step 6: Resolution

  • Settlement or Judgment. We aim to reach a satisfactory settlement that compensates for any damages or harm caused by the inaccurate report. If the case goes to trial, we will strive to achieve a favorable judgment.
  • Post-Trial Actions. Depending on the outcome, there may be additional steps to enforce the judgment or to negotiate further settlements.

Why Choose Our Firm

  • Expertise in Consumer Rights. Our law firm has a strong track record in handling FCRA cases and other consumer protection laws. We understand the complexities of background check disputes.
  • Commitment to Clients. We are dedicated to advocating for your rights and ensuring you receive fair treatment under the law.
  • No Win, No Fee. Often, we operate on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay unless we win your case.

If your background check is a challenge or you believe your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) have been violated, then you are not alone. Contact our consumer law firm, Norharatch. We specialize in assisting consumers in the intricacies of background checks and make sure that your information is treated with the accuracy and fairness it deserves. Call us today for a consultation and let our experienced attorneys help you clear up any issues with your background check. Protect your rights and make sure that your professional profile stays undistorted. Call us now to get the expert legal representation you need.


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