About HireRight

HireRight is like a detective agency but instead of chasing criminals, they chase your history. Here’s the lowdown:

  • They’ve Been Around: HireRight isn’t exactly a fresh face in the background check world. They’ve been around for a decent amount of time, accumulating experience in the field (although the exact year they started might be a bit obscure).
  • Global Reach or Local Focus? The answer depends. Are they a giant with a worldwide reach or more focused on a specific region?
  • Background Checks are Their Game: Forget selling shoes or brewing beer, HireRight focuses on background checks. They offer a variety of checks for employers, landlords, and possibly even government agencies.
  • Their Clientele: Who uses HireRight’s services? This could be potential employers wanting to verify your resume, landlords checking your rental history, or even government entities conducting background checks for various purposes.
  • Reputation Check (Optional): This might mention how HireRight is viewed in the industry. Are they known for their speed, accuracy, or are there customer reviews to consider, both positive and negative?

The HireRight Background Check Process

The HireRight background check is a process broken down into steps within which information on an individual is compiled for the report. Here’s a breakdown of what usually takes place:

  • Initiation. It all starts when a request for a background check is made about you by an employer, landlord, or some other authorized entity. They will provide HireRight with details on you, like your name, Social Security number (if legal), and previous addresses.
  • Information Gathering. So, now that the ball’s in HireRight’s court, they’re going into detective mode. They trawl through every nook and cranny, with information on you drawn out:
  • Public Records Searches. They will look for criminal records (felonies, misdemeanors, arrests) and civil judgments (bankruptcies, liens) in public databases and professional license verification (if applicable).
  • Employment Verification. HireRight may have contact with past employers to verify the dates of your employment and the job titles you had plus a verification of the salary history if authorized.
  • Education Verification. They may contact schools you attended to verify whether you did complete any educational requirement or date of enrollment.
  • Reference Checks. (Optional) Depending on the type of check they are doing, HireRight might contact references you have put in the application to make sure everything is accurate.
  • Report Generation. Once HireRight builds all the related information into a report, it is set to be given to the requester or the employer. This is usually a report that could include details like:
  • Summary of Findings. A brief description of what the report was ascertaining, possibly pointing out particular information that might have triggered an alert in your application.
  • Verification Results. Confirmation of details provided by you with respect to employment history, education, and other details provided by you.
  • Public Records Information. Details of any criminal records or civil judgments or professional license information found through the search.

How Long Does HireRight Background Check Take

Normally, the HireRight background check takes between two to ten business days to complete. Note that such a time frame may vary according to various factors:

  • Complexity of Check. A basic criminal background check that searches public records can be closed within a few days, while a complex employer check that engages contacting past employers, educational institutions, and reference verification may take longer, up to a week.
  • Verification Delay. Sometimes, the delays are experienced while waiting for the response from the past employers, schools, or courthouses. The institutions might take their time to process the requests.
  • Volume of Requests. During peak hiring seasons or with high volumes of requests, HireRight might experience a temporary backlog and then affect their turnaround times.

What Does HireRight Background Check Look for

HireRight performs an extensive background check to form a complete view of a person. Below is an in-depth look into information they usually gather:

Public Record Searches

Public Criminal Records. This is one of the key components of background checks. HireRight checks the public record for felonies, misdemeanors, and arrest records. The report will describe the nature of offense, date, and place.

Civil Judgments. HireRight searches a person’s civil court records for any debts they owe or issues such as bankruptcies, liens, or wage garnishments.

Professional Licenses. If a position calls for a particular license (e.g., real estate agent, doctor), HireRight can verify whether a license is current and whether there have been any disciplinary actions concerning it.

Employment Verification

Current Employer or Previous Employer Contact. HireRight would contact your former employer with authorization to verify information, like confirmation of employment dates, job titles, and responsibilities. They may also try to verify wage history, although it depends on the authorization of the user and local regulations.

Verification of References. Depending on the type of background check and the employer’s request, HireRight may also inquire about references you provided on your application. This would give them a rounder idea of the person you are referring to and comments made about you by your employment or reference.

Education Verification

HireRight contacts the schools you went to, to confirm the degrees you have and when you were enrolled in them. They might request official transcripts based on your employer’s need.

Additional Information

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR). This background search would involve a review of your motor vehicle records to see whether you’ve had any violations, including DUIs and accidents, depending on whether you’ve driven for your work, such as with a delivery truck.

Social Media Screening (Optional). Some employers may request a social media search, which would involve HireRight reviewing any profiles on social media that are publicly accessible. There are rules and ethics that bound this practice.

Consumer Rights and Access: HireRight Background Checks

Access Your ReportYou have the right to obtain a free copy of your background check report from HireRight every 12 months.This allows you to review the information HireRight has collected about you and ensure its accuracy.
Dispute ErrorsIf you find any inaccurate or misleading information in your report, you have the right to dispute it with HireRight.You can challenge any errors that might negatively impact your job application, housing application, or other opportunities.
Fair InvestigationHireRight is legally obligated to investigate your dispute within a reasonable timeframe (usually 30 days).This ensures your concerns are addressed promptly and thoroughly.
Free Correction of ErrorsIf HireRight verifies the error in your report, they must correct it and notify any entities who received the inaccurate report.This ensures a corrected report is distributed, potentially improving your chances in job applications or housing rentals.
Additional Rights under FCRAThe Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) grants you additional rights regarding background checks.You might have the right to limit who can access your report or request additional information from HireRight regarding the dispute process.

Correcting Mistakes with a HireRight Background Check

In fact, finding errors in a background check by HireRight can be quite stressful, especially if it has to do with your employment background. Here is a roadmap that can help you overcome them:

  • Ask for Your Report. HireRight allows you access to a free copy of your report every 12 months. Usually, you can send for it through their website, or you may request it by mail. Also, don’t forget to regularly check your HireRight background check status.
  • Review the Report Carefully. Go through the report in detail and identify any inaccuracies or misleading information on your report, which might include incorrect information such as your name, date of birth, work history, or educational background.
  • Dispute Action. If you realize any errors, you will be able to raise a dispute with HireRight. They usually allow you to do it through their online dispute resolution platform or mail or fax. Please ensure that you clearly state the inaccuracies, and include supporting documentation to back your claim (e.g., pay stubs, diplomas, court documents).
  • Investigation by HireRight. By law, HireRight is obliged to investigate your dispute within a reasonable period, usually 30 days. They will contact you should they require any extra information during the investigation.

Don’t let errors in your HireRight background check hold you back. Contact Norharatch today for a consultation. We’ll stand by your side and fight for an accurate report that reflects your qualifications.


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