An AccuSource background check could be a deep dive into your history. Let’s break it down:

Multi-Source Verification. AccuSource gathers data from a bunch of sources, like national criminal databases and county court records. This could include past employment histories (with your permission).

Tailored Investigations. The specific details AccuSource checks on you may depend on the type of background check and the purpose for which the employer will use the information. For instance, a financial institution may dig deep into the employment history, while a daycare might look for criminal records related to child safety.

The information that comes from an AccuSource background check will be significant in any employment that is done. Even though you have the qualifications, errors or outdated information in the report may cause failure in getting a job. Our firm can help you verify the accuracy of information within your AccuSource report and also identify any inconsistencies.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Your Rights

The FCRA empowers you with key rights regarding background checks, especially those used for employment purposes. Here’s a quick rundown:

– Access Your Report: You’re entitled to obtain your AccuSource background check report from AccuSource itself. This will enable you to review it yourself and identify inaccuracies.

– Dispute Errors: If there are errors found in your report, AccuSource must be challenged to rectify them. Our firm will guide you through the process of challenging AccuSource and ensure your rights are protected.

– Fairness and Accuracy: The FCRA promotes fairness and accuracy of background check reports. We can help you understand your rights and hold AccuSource accountable for any violations.

What Kinds of Information AccuSource Gathers for Background Checks?

Being aware of AccuSource’s collections of information in making background checks for possible hires is a very key thing for employers to know. They ask questions about one’s information collected on them, like some of those listed below:

AccuSource’s searches rely on all available information. Here are some important areas they might explore (with your authorization for some):

Criminal Records: A crucial part of virtually every background check. AccuSource inquires through national criminal databases, state repositories, and local county court records into any criminal convictions or arrests that exist. Criminal background searches by AccuSource may be carried out in a certain time frame, as explained before.

Social Security Number Trace: A social security number trace to determine the candidate’s identity and look for other possible names of interest. It also aids in tracking past addresses for further investigation.

Employment Verification (Optional): AccuSource can verify your previous employment history through contacts with past employers only if you allow it. Typically, this information includes job titles, dates of employment, and salary history (within the limits of the law).

Education Verification (Optional): AccuSource may contact schools to verify the educational background of the candidate. This includes the degree earned, enrollment dates, and any disciplinary action reported (where permitted by school policies).

Professional License Verification (Optional): The kind of background check that an organization conducts, and what kind of position it is providing for, determines whether AccuSource will be able to verify professional licenses, including their status and validity.

How Far Back Does AccuSource Check Backgrounds

Unlike some background check companies with a set look-back period, AccuSource doesn’t have a single, predetermined timeframe for all checks. The depth of their investigation can vary depending on several factors:

Type of Background Check: The specific type of background check requested by the employer can influence how far back AccuSource searches. For example, a standard background check might focus on the past 7 years, while a more in-depth investigation might go further back for certain aspects.

Industry Regulations: Certain industries might have legal requirements for background checks. AccuSource adheres to these regulations, which can dictate the timeframe for specific searches (e.g., financial services).

Availability of Records: The accessibility of public records plays a role. Older records might be less readily available or archived in different locations, potentially limiting how far back AccuSource’s search can effectively reach.

AccuSource Background Check Status

AccuSource Background Checks are a common hurdle in the employment process. While you wait for the results to reach your potential employer, you might be left wondering: “What is the status of my AccuSource background check?” Unfortunately, AccuSource doesn’t typically provide a direct way for you to track the progress of your background check.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect regarding AccuSource background check status:

Limited Visibility:

Unlike some background check companies, AccuSource doesn’t offer an online portal or system for candidates to actively track the status of their background check. This can be frustrating, as you’re left waiting without any updates.

Common AccuSource Background Check Errors

CategoryError DescriptionPotential Impact
Criminal History* Listing an arrest that never resulted in a conviction. * Inaccurate reporting of conviction details (dates, charges). * Missing expunged or pardoned convictions.Unjustified job denial, delayed processing, reputational damage.
Employment Verification* Incorrect employment dates or job titles. * Missing or inaccurate information about past employers. * Verification of employment you never held (due to mistaken identity).Unjustified job denial, difficulty verifying work experience, questioning of qualifications.
Education Verification* Inaccurate information about degrees earned or enrollment dates. * Missing or inaccurate information about educational institutions attended.Difficulty proving educational qualifications, job denial for positions requiring specific degrees.
Social Security Number Trace* Incorrect Social Security Number linked to your report. * Information associated with someone with a similar Social Security Number.Difficulty obtaining the background check, delays in processing, mistaken identity issues.
Data Entry Errors* Typos or mistakes during information transfer from source documents. * Inconsistent formatting of dates or names.Difficulty verifying information, potential delays in processing the background check.

How to Dispute AccuSource

Here’s how to deal with errors on your AccuSource Background Check Report:

1. Obtain a Copy of Your Report

You have the right to request a free copy of your AccuSource background check report every year. You can find out about this under your rights.

   – Online: If AccuSource offers an online portal for candidates (double-check with the employer who initiated the background check).

   – By Mail: Fill out a request form and mail it to AccuSource with your name, Social Security number, and other pertinent information.

2. Read and Review Your Report Carefully

In addition, carefully review all the information in your AccuSource report for inconsistencies, errors, or ambiguities. Look at the error categories mentioned above in each part: criminal history, employment verification, or education verification.

3. Dispute Errors

   – Online Dispute Form: If there is an online dispute portal offered by AccuSource, use it for ease of operation.

   – Written Dispute: Mail the AccuSource office with a written account of the errors you have detected, along with any supporting documentation you may have (e.g., proof of employment dates, court papers).

4. Gather Supporting Materials

   – Employment letterhead from past employers.

   – Court paper confirming dismissal of charges.

   – Diploma, or transcript from educational institutions.

   – Any other document that contradicts the reported information.

5. Stay In Touch and Be Persistent

If you do not receive a satisfactory reply, you can complain to AccuSource regarding the matter.

   – The company of AccuSource is obligated to investigate your dispute within a certain number of days (usually 30 days).

   – Continue contacting the AccuSource office and inquire about the status of your dispute.

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