TransUnion SmartMove is a tenant screening service specialized in providing landlords with important details about the background of the would-be tenants without invading their privacy. Developed by TransUnion, one of the major credit reporting agencies, SmartMove uses comprehensive data to offer a detailed and secure approach to tenant screening. This document will take an in-depth look into the process of a TransUnion SmartMove background check.
Small landlords, real estate agents, and private property owners can avail themselves of SmartMove’s services with comprehensive tenant reports that will include credit scores and past criminal records in addition to the eviction history and estimate of the tenant’s income. This kind of service is important in the rental housing industry where it is a must to have a quick and reliable tenant screening process.

Key Features of the SmartMove Background Check

Credit Checks. Credit-Based Tenant Recommendation: SmartMove includes a credit-based leasing recommendation which streamlines the process of decision-making for the landlords. The recommendation transforms the intricate data of a credit report into a straightforward recommendation.
Credit Report. This feature looks into the tenant’s credit history and addresses factors that are important for rental agreements, such as payment history, level of debt, and reliability in financial obligations.

National Search. SmartMove searches the state and national databases for a wide range of criminal records, including sex offender registries.
Detailed Reports. The results include detailed findings on any criminal history that will affect the applicant’s suitability as a tenant.
Eviction Reports. This feature checks against national eviction databases to give landlords a history of past evictions which will aid in predicting future rental behavior.
Income Insights. This feature will estimate the applicant’s income based on information found in their credit report. It will give a comparison against.

How Long Does a Background Check Take with SmartMove?

The background check service offered by TransUnion, SmartMove, is designed to deliver quick and reliable access to an applicant’s background information to landlords. Comprehending the timeframe for these checks is essential for landlords who need to organize their rental processes well. Here’s the detailed look at the conventional duration for a SmartMove background check and the factors that can affect the same.

General Timeline for SmartMove Background Checks

SmartMove is known for its speed and efficiency, which is a quality that is very much needed in the fast rental market, where quick decision-making can be a competitive edge. Here are the conventional timelines for the completion of background checks via SmartMove.

Immediate Results. Most of the times, SmartMove deliveries background check reports in an instant. Once the applicant has consented to the screening and is verified, results from, for example, credit checks, a criminal background check, and an eviction history are usually running within minutes.
Comprehensive Reports. Comprehensive reports that combine credit data, eviction history, and a national criminal search are usually produced within a few minutes after the applicant has completed all the necessary steps.

The Importance of Not Requiring SSNs

One of the major concerns of tenants regarding the request for a Social Security Number is the issue of privacy and the danger of identity theft. SmartMove addresses this concern, such that applicants can initiate the background check process by themselves, but their identity will be verified without directly providing the SSN to the landlord. This method not only protects the tenant’s sensitive information but also complies with privacy laws and regulations.

How to Sue SmartMove Step by Step

1. Identify the IssueDetermine ErrorIdentify and document the specific inaccuracies or failures in the SmartMove background check, such as outdated information or lack of proper notices.
2. Attempt ResolutionContact SmartMoveInitiate a formal dispute through SmartMove’s designated dispute resolution process to correct the information. Keep records of all communications and responses.
3. Document ImpactRecord ConsequencesKeep detailed records of any negative impacts the error has had, such as rental application denial or financial loss.
4. Legal ConsultationHire an AttorneyConsult with an attorney specialized in consumer rights or FCRA violations to evaluate your case and guide you through the legal process.
5. Legal ActionFile a LawsuitIf direct resolution fails, work with your attorney to prepare and file a lawsuit in the appropriate court detailing the FCRA violations and seeking remedies.
6. Seek RemediesCourt ProcessEngage in the court process, which may include discovery, mediation, and trial, to pursue statutory damages, actual damages, and legal fees.
7. Follow ThroughManage and RespondStay responsive to your attorney’s requests and prepared to negotiate or settle if a suitable offer is made.

Do you have problems with a SmartMove background check or tenant screening issues? As a consumer law firm, we specialize in FCRA compliance and tenant rights. Our goal is to protect your rights and ensure that the background checks are conducted fairly and accurately. Call us for a consultation today and let our experienced attorneys help you in troubleshooting any issues and defending your rights as a consumer. Do not let errors in background checks affect your housing; reach out now to get the expert legal support you need.


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