What Is a Vetty Background Check?

Vetty is a background screening company that assists employers when they screen prospective employees by pooling information. They aggregate information from criminal records, credit reports, and work history.

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What Does Vetty Background Check Look for?

Infomart is a background check company providing comprehensive screening of candidates according to the hiring employer’s needs. Here is the brief breakdown of what they normally look into:

Core Checks:

  • Criminal History: This is a crucial part of the checks; it involves county, state, and sometimes even national searches for criminal records, including convictions, arrests, warrants, and details on incarceration if any.
  • Employment Verification: The employer requests that Infomart verifies employment history with reported employers as reported in a resume, further addressing the date of employment, job title, and responsibilities performed.
  • Education Verification: They will verify with the educational institutions about your attendance, courses covered, and degree completion.

Additional Checks (dependent on employer’s request):

  • Professional License Verification: During the validation of licenses relevant to the position, they will often verify the validity of the licenses along with any disciplinary actions which have happened.
  • Social Media Profiling (Optional): For some positions, they may use social media profiles to check for possible issues that could reflect job performance, wrongdoing, or disregard to company policies.
  • Drug Screening and Occupational Health: Sometimes, it will be required for some positions because of the regulatory requirements for the safety aspects or compliance with company policy.
  • Sanctions Screening: Ensuring if the individual is on any of the government sanctions lists, which may include restrictions in their eligibility for employment.
  • Identity Checks: To confirm the correctness of personal information being provided.

Moreover, it will be an additional service that Infomart can offer which involves the continuous monitoring of public records pertaining to the individual and providing periodical updates to the employer.

How Long Does Vetty Background Check Take

The time taken for completion of the Vetty background check varies from one background check to another. It is estimated between 3 to 5 days.

How To Check Vetty Background Check Status

One could check the status of your Vetty background check by visiting your account online on their website.

How to Report Vetty Background Check Report Errors

On some occasions, reports from Vetty may contain errors. This could occur due to issues like human error or data inaccuracies.

If you believe your Vetty background report contains errors, here is how you can report it:

  • Contact Vetty. You can get in touch with Vetty by phone, email, or website.
  • Information about the errors. You will need to provide Vetty with information on the errors you find in your report.
  • Verification by Vetty. Vetty will check the information you provide and shall make any necessary changes to your report.

Preventing Errors in Vetty Background Check Reports

Here are some tips that will help you prevent errors on your Vetty background check report:

  • Accurate Information: Make sure that you provide Vetty with correct information before it starts checking your background.
  • Checking the Report: Verify the information on your report once you receive it from Vetty, to ensure there is no error in the information.
  • Report any Errors: If you find any errors on your report, immediately report it to Vetty.

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